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The art of spilling a beverage, such as coffee, over sensitive electronics (computer and it's peripherals, phones, etc).

The Dalgetty score is on scale 0-100 where 100 is the true Dalgetty (0 is basically a wussy spilling water on a table). The score goes up with the type of beverage (attention to temperature, density, stickiness, how easy it is to clean up), monetary value of the equipment, state of hardware (best if ruined beyond repair), and age of the damaged property (best if spoilage occurs during unboxing). Other factors may influence the score as well, such as accidents that happen during an important meeting, or severity of consequences.
John spills coffee over a computer, making it good for trash only.

Jane says: "Congrats, you pulled a Dalgetty."
by Gervasius De Statuis November 24, 2014
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