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Perfection. A relationship keeper weather speaking of a friendship or a more intemet relation. Golden,meaning you'll never find someone like this. No other person can go head-to-head with her. Alothough she might not pose a threat she can shake things up in an unexpected way. All kinda boys and girls are lined up waiting for a dakayla to walk into there life . She's a personal brand of heroine,she's addictive. Everyone will love her to the point where love is non-existent. She's full of lots of love maybe even too much. When people take advantage of her often times she still forgives. Dakayla overall is a wonderful person that drives the Human race crazy (in the best way possible)
Fred:hey man I has the best night with this wonderful girl she drove me crazy.i can't stop thinking about her
Danny: you talking about Dakayla I bet
by Paul frank jr January 04, 2015
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An amazing young woman who spends a lot of time with friends and family. She likes to contact people on social media and she is a well behaved student.
Wow she’s working well she must be a Dakayla!!
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by Emoji10205 December 13, 2017
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