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Da'Shell is a type of girl that has trust issues her past can tend to hurt her at times by flashbacks she has a gorgeous smile and bby girl knows she athletic she also has a attitude when ppl tend to bother her but she can be the the most helpful most nicest person Uk she has her own style and can sing here and there she is a very fun cool chill person and can be talkative when's she's mad hyper (don't give her no sweets 🍭) she while pull u in as her own until that's when u cross her ..she can forgive but her trust u have to gain that bck ...she tends to respect ppl and has good manners ..she can fall in love but it takes time she loves hugs and stuffed animals if she says she loves u she means it she will care for u and risk for u she also beautiful and smexy she has slight dimples but only when she smiles hard u can see em 😊She is very hard working and makes sure she achieves her goals
Man look at Da'Shell bihh know know she smexy
by Shelley wallet January 12, 2017
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