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a different type of wow played only in mainland china. due to the censorship, it's developed another version of lots of features. UDs have flesh and jaw added; tombstones replaced the skeleton as would be seen when someone revived; version of the game's forever later than other regions of the globe; gold-farmers are never punished here, although over 99% players are just like players in US or EURO servers, not gold-farmers; many skills and spells are renamed, e.g., rogues in cwow can only "search" whereas they're actually stealing, and rogue, the class, is actually called stealthman after they'd been called a rogue for 2 years.

well, it's really a weird kind of wow. but players in it, most of them, are just as nice as other wowers.
cwower 1: dude, this sucks. i'm fed up. i'm leaving cwow. it's so fxxxed up in china. i'd rather be called a gold-farmer in US servers than staying here and playing this screwed version.

cwower 2: fine, good luck. i'ma stay and it might get back to normal someday. anyway, i don't hate cwow, it's my home. why should i hate it.
by superstition von hyjal February 17, 2010
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