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to be a ukrainian idiot with no common sense. able to be manipulated easily.

(n) an idiot that carries a dissproportiante A. feels the need to point out things like only an idiot would do.
reacts violently to the snapping of fingers beside his head. its is said that this goes back to 1546 A.D. when the Badads were still in power in the ukraine. (see the rise of the dads) ukrainians like boyko will react hostile if faced with this action so it must be approached with caution, however it has been done on several occasions.

(v) to kick it boyko style means to act like a total fool.
And has gotten tons of pussy in Europe.
Man, wtf ronaldo, you are the cuttie monster.

Andrew, stop your not the cuttie monster I'am.

Damn, I cannot believe you know the cuttie monster.

by David Jorge November 14, 2007
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