This word is the superlative form of the word cutest. Usually used to describe a person that is unbelievably cute. There is no higher form of the word cute than this.
Kiki is the cutestest of them all.
by TimeWarper_Wi April 3, 2019
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extraordinarily cute and amazing and fantastic and awesome and sweet and adorable and the bestest guy ever.
also known as "chase"
chase cramblit the most cutestest boy ever
by coolest chick you know March 24, 2012
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When someone is beyond cute you call them cutestest.
Lucy is the Cutestest person to ever live
by ItsMeHuzi December 28, 2022
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Incredibly cute, nothing can match it..cause its cute with a estest at the end
Ursula is the cutestest, cause she has perfect and adorable eyes and lips..shoulders.. height..etc
by PedoStalkerer :P July 11, 2008
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A word used when you and your significant other are fighting over who's cuter.
Her: You're the cutest

by Lorikin March 19, 2020
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