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A unique and relevant copypasta that is written on the fly in response to a statement from another person in a chat or in a forum thread.

A custompasta is most effective when posted quickly in response to a innocent statement or question.
Person A: You play Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive yet?
Person B (custompasta): Nope, you think I have time for that? I'm trying to get a degree. I'm not just fucking around like you. I have to WIN a career. I'm never going to have a family because I'm a permavirgin. The only way I can ever get anyone to care about me is to become rich and pay some hooker to come back with me and pretend to be my girlfriend for maybe one day. And that's before even she gets bored and just leaves me like every other woman in my life. So no Person A, I've got better things to do.
by Raedwald January 09, 2017
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