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1. A beverage typically ordered from a bartender at a bar/club or any place serving fine spirits whose sole contents are at least 6 ounces of chilled vodka with no ice. Usually chugged and followed by additional cup o vodka's. Known side effects include improved social skills, slurred speach, and short term memory loss.

2. An expensive beverage that is actually created by taking 3 vodka on the rocks beverages removing the ice and placing all the vodka in a sole glass.
Known side effects same as above but instead you drop like $68 on 2 drinks

derived from drunken american english circa 2002.
Dude you dropped how much on a cup o vodka?

How did you order these drinks? Oh it is hard work (wiping of the brow) I asked the bartender for a cup o vodka and she poured me like a shot and I was like no no like a martini and then she doubled the vodka content in the glasses , then I told her if you fill them all the way up I will leave you an absurd tip. And that boys and girls is how you order a cup o vodka
by asos December 30, 2004
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