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cuntwatulated: A generic term referring to vaginal ageing. The female genital area usually warms to it's purpose in the teen years as it officially becomes "pussy", in the late teens to mid twenties it is often referred to as a "puss", "quim" etc. From the early thirties on, words such as "bearded clam", "gash" and "twat" come into play. From the late forties into the mid fifties, often around the time of menopause, the female gential region goes through the change known as "cuntwatulation, and hence, becomes "cuntwatulated"
Mary was growing older, her desire for sex had dwindled since she had become cuntwatulated in her early fifties, but she still felt the need for sex every now and then. Fortunately this could be quickly forgotten by eating a pound of ice cream.
by Vinter April 22, 2008
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