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A derogatory term used to describe the area, and the people who live in the area of Ku-ring-gai; or just generally people who use trains.

It is often used when describing not only the people who live there, but things and actions associated with crapness.

The term can also be an indication of boredom or tiredness as it is associated with the boredom/tiredness of studying the Aboriginal religion - due to the aboriginalness of the name 'Ku-ring-gai'.

People who live in cunt-ring-gay are known to have no friends (except for eachother) as mere human contact could cause severe injury as a result of rapid falling-to-sleep. They also like to disassociate themselves with any other form of public transport apart from trains.

This causes them to live sad and dejected lives within their region and the sydney public train-line.
"Oh my god, he's such a cunt-ring-gay"

"You live in cunt-ring-gay? zzzZZZZzzzzz"

"Do you wanna catch a bus to, say Seaforth?...... oh wait, I forgot you live in cunt-ring-gay"

"I'm so tired, you would think I lived in cunt-ring-gay"

Coming home to cunt-ring-gay after a hard day of Aboriginal Spirizzzzzzzzzz
by shitcuntseaforth May 31, 2011
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