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Definition 1: Noun.
a degrading worthless less than a woman, person or object.

Definition 2: Verb.
A dance in which you grab your cat and toss it in the air while chanting "Putt yoo pussaaay in da airr"

Definition 3: Adj.
A rough hairy surface in which you put coasters on.

Def. 1- "hell yeah, Steph is a cunt soldier! She is on Mike's jock erryday foo"

Def. 2- "Na nigga, that party was thowwweeed! everyone started doing the cunt soldier! I ALMOST GOT SCRATCHED!"

Def. 3- "Hey, do you think you can use one of my cunt soldiers for your drink? I like to keep my tables legit"
by JohnMayerIsINWALLSS January 23, 2009
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