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An uncommon sex act where a man reaches in to a girls vagina while he already has his penis inserted and masturbates himself. Similar to the turfucken only generally more dangerous as a mans hand will usually be larger than a females. Requires that the woman be very dilated or the man be very forceful. Named after the Transylvanian porn star who was the first to use this move on film, Count Jackula aka Rod the Impaler.
Johnny had been reading the forbidden version of the kama sutra, and waited until he had already fisted Suzy a few times before attempting the cunt jackula. She didn't seem to mind him jacking himself off inside her, in fact she seemed a little bored. He tried to spice things up for the sake of their marriage but in the end she just didn't find him that attractive any longer.
by Agutuk March 06, 2009
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