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A bar napkin or any other flat object that can be written on with the words "cunt" or "cunt card" written on it. The object is then given to or placed in front of the person who did not take their shot when group shots were poured. The cunt card remains with the non drinker until he or she catches up to the group.
Brian did not take the last shot we all took together. That is why the cunt card is in front of him.

Last time we gave Brian the cunt card because he didn't take his shot. He put the cunt card in his mouth, took his shot, and washed it down with his beer, then gave us all cunt cards for not keeping up with him.
by little b the t-REX January 05, 2012
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When you act like a cunt. But we all know you are a cunt anyways.
There goes erin pulling the cunt card.
I know man, but we knew this already right?!
by W8uknowit August 14, 2017
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