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n. From the Latin, cunnus, vulva and lunch, Sp., lonjam, slice of ham. The little-known 4th meal of the day. The most important meal of the day for any red-blooded man or lesbian. *Preparation precaution. The vulva must be washed thoroughly and lovingly teased before consumption to avoid any potentially offensive odors and to bring the full measure of natural juices to the tongue. The meal is considered over when the lickee clamps her thighs to your head and screams, "Oh my god, oh my god, right theeeere, don't sto-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhp! and your face is drenched with poon-tang nectar. Usually leads to non-verbal intercourse.
"I came home after a gig with young gals throwing their panties on stage and found my girl spread out naked on the bed, so I decided to fix myself a little cunnalunch.
by Argoke August 03, 2009
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