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A punjabi word. More common in Thate punjabi (original punjabi dialects, now "replaced" by modern punjabi). Word is used throughout Punjab in India and Pakistan. Used by Jatts a lot.
A cunjuri is a female dancer, usually for money. They put on shows for men in India, they are similar to belly dancers. A cunjur technically is a backup dancer/helper for these females but it is used to be deragatory to other men. In India, dancing is accepted at parties, etc. If you are dancing as a profession, it is one of the lowest things you can do according to cultural norm. The word also mean different things combined with other words...See examples
Cunjur sala (Translation: My brother in law is a dancer (literal). Fucking man whore (actual))

Cunjur nah ho wai see (Trans:(literal) You are not a dancer. (actual) You fucking man whore) (I know its weird but thats what it means)
by Mr. Singh November 20, 2006
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