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cumsharking is when typically a man cums on a woman without her knowing usually in public
Man 1: *jacking on bus*
Man 1:* sees a hot girl and finishes on her shoulder*
Woman: the fuck? did someone just come on me?
Man 2: yeah that dude over there likes to cumshark women on the bus
by FOSPOL July 09, 2018
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The act of seeking out an unsuspecting person with the sole purpose of cumming on them without permission.

The target matters not, it can be their face, breasts, behind, back, and even their feet.
"Yo man, hear what happened to Kathleen the other day? She was sleepin in the library when some guy cum sharked her, it was gnarly."
by Iliketocumonunsuspectingfeet February 11, 2012
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