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used when refering to starting a fight
joey: you slept with ma mate im gonna kick your ass
tommy: c'mon then. cumden
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a frase wich in fact has nothing to do with cum

it is mostly used for a phrase if a fight is starting

it can be as a nother way of saying come here

also can be used if you want the ansewr for something

(this phrase it better spoke than typed on msn or facebook eg.- it may sound rong)
oli; tyana told me you wanna fight
connor; yea shes right
oli; cum den

keelee; oi let me show this hilarious photo of chloe
tyana; okay

keelee; cum den

keelee; whats 7+3
oli; i dont no

keelee; tyana
tyana; yes
keelee; do you no what 7+3 is
tyana; yea
keelee; cum den
by Tyana Alex March 24, 2010
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