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Created when a girl with cum or skeet on her face has sex with multiple guys while leaving the cum on her face.

Describes a sexual activity that combines a gang bang with a bukkake session. The most common scenerio involves 1 girl and no fewer than 3 males, usually around 10 males. The guys line up, fuck the girl and then pull out before they cum and skeet all over her face. The girl then leaves the cum on her face while the next guy in line fucks her. He then blows his load on her face as well. By the time the 10th guy is fucking her, the girl's face is covered with 9 loads of cum. For a true cum mask to be created, the cumaltive skeet must remain on the girl's face until each guy has fucked her.

Other names include dream shower, skeet mask, skeet shower.
Dude, you should have come over last night. Allison let us give her a cum mask. While I was fucking her she already had at least four cum shots on her face, and it looked like she slipped and fell into a bowl of pancake batter.
by Arnie the Carnie June 04, 2006
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