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The act of depriving yourself of an orgasm by any means necessary during a masturbation session on a porn site; because you know that once you cum, you will immediately lose interest in watching those other porn clips you wanted to as you were browsing the site.

acts of prevention may include, but are not limited to: Squeezing your dick as hard as you possibly can, slapping your dick extremely hard, thinking of something you consider a complete turn off, pushing your dick forward as far as you possibly can.
1.) I was about to bust while watching this porn clip, but employing the methods of cum delay i squeezed down on my dick as to not allow anything to come out, so that I could watch the other 5 videos I had lined up afterward.

2.) I'll compile a list of clips I want to watch, and cum delay until I watch the last one.
by wibbles11223 October 10, 2010
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