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1.A woman or man that enjoys the art of Cumming.
2.A person that will do anything to CUM.
3.A person that enjoys the art of making others CUM.
She would do any thing that I said if I let her CUM!

I am a CUM freak.
by Dreamaster50 May 11, 2006
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A guy or gal who is addicted to eating cum and doesn't care where it comes from.
Me: Hey Dad, can I have some more cum?
Dad: Sure son, just make sure after your done sucking out all of mine and have cleaned me up that you take care of Sparky, he's been humping your brother's leg for the past hour.
Me: Mmm, that sounds nice.
Dad: Of course it does, you're a cumfreak. Now come and take Daddy's cock.
Me: And maybe afterwards, little bro will be able to give me a good face fucking and dump his load in my mouth.
by cumlovingboy December 20, 2006
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Female who loves cum/sperm/semen/ejaculate.

Female who loves to perform oral sex and eat the cum. Loves to have cum on her face, neck, breasts, etc.
I'm telling you, my new girlfriend is damned cumfreak!
by D January 12, 2004
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