a member of one of the two major political tribes who have come to dominate US political discussion with their irrational and divisive culture war
You need to get out of your echo chamber more often, culture warrior.
by The Other Bastard November 20, 2016
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A traditionalist that fights against the current secular-progressive movement within the United States. A culture warrior doesn't necessary pertain to a political party such as "republican" or "democrat", but rather upholds the values of spirituality, the family unit, charitable causes, selflessness, honor, and a love for the United States of America (seeing that it is, more often than not, a noble country that has made some mistakes). The term may have been coined, but definitely popularized and defined by Bill O'Reilly with his book "Culture Warrior".
Bill is a true culture warrior, because he believes in family values.

During the debate, the culture warrior disagreed with the filibustering atheist about religion in America.
by Amurican May 20, 2009
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