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the deep dank part of cubbington where the outcasts live such as sally(manbeast) collin (puff) jj (village fat ass) they all make the village laughing stock and perform at fairs to buy back there old car and to get money because the store across the road where milkshakes are 49 p all the time is doing better than them as its dosen't smell of piss and dose not have a pound stall or a midlle aged man standing in the doorway to bring in shoppers (old ladies) or to be gay and telling off kids for saying he has a small phallus.
oh look there collin what a pedo he has a small phallus
oh shit its sally she the man of the house!!
bloody hell they have came out of cubbington borough and now the air smells of piss. get the dust pan and brush.
by manbeasthunter May 26, 2006
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