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1. A blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing group of Asian's who habitually badger and intimidate smaller or weaker people in the computer game - counter-strike.

2. Often can be found terrorizing the e-lives of fat white nerds across North America by constantly 'Raping' them in de_dust2.


Started by 'mun' and 'ben' the CSBullies have ruined many e-feelings for overweight nerds throughout their run at getting out of CAL-open. They have not achieved this yet, but rumor has been going around that the CSBullies may crawl out of OGL and move onto OGL Advanced. According to 'mun' he says, "CALO FO LIFEEE BABY THATS HOW WE ROLE WE CANT BULLY NO BITCHES IN IM OR ANY OF THAT SHIT WHO U THINK WE R?".
1. Fucking csbullies these guys fucking cheat and still can't get out of CAL-o.

2. AH SHIT csbullies ... disconnect fast.

3. AH SHIT csbullies ... kick them fast!
by cdsg asg sdfhs August 29, 2006
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