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Cryptofolk is a new style of storytelling within the existing Folklore/Mythology literary genre.

Regional folk tales are often lost and obscured through time or remain localized within their specific community. These stories contain themes and archetypes that resonate across cultures and borders, providing an opportunity for others to learn and grow through the discovery of these powerful legends.

Cryptofolk (Crypto, from the Greek kryptós, meaning hidden and Folk, archaic for people or tribe) resurrects old and obscure folklore and legends from around the world. It uses descriptive narrative and various multimedia applications to present stories that are thought provoking, visually rich, and accessible to a global audience.
Cryptofolk Story - The Nain Rouge: Detroit's Red Dwarf

The Nain Rouge (or Red Dwarf) had been a part of the natural world, existing long before the coming of humans. The Nain Rouge made his home near the narrow straits between the two lakes. This was the area that the later French settlers were to name “Detroit”.

As the Steward of Straits, the Nain Rouge was responsible for keeping harmony and balance in the natural world near the straits of the great river.

It was not until the French settlers arrived that the Nain Rouge began causing trouble. It seemed that Antoine de Mothe Cadillac and his band of explorers bought some land from the natives, while stealing other tracts of land without cause or permission.

Cadillac welcomed the Nain Rouge into his quarters, only to mock him and decry his stewardship over the land. A quarrel began and soon turned into an angry brawl, causing great injury to Cadillac and his officers. The Nain Rouge was beaten mercilessly during the fight and fled from the settlement in anger and pain.

As he ran away, a curse was flung from his lips onto the entire region of Detroit. The curse, it is rumored, befalls anyone who creates evil of their own will, empowering the Nain Rouge with greater and greater strength throughout the centuries.

Now, the Nain Rouge is often seen just before a tragic event; a harbinger of doom that revels in the downfall of humanity.
by The Nain Rouge December 18, 2013
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