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A Crunk Unit is the measurement of alcohol. As a standard we use a single can (355mL) of 5% beer. We calculate the amount of alcohol in one can. 355mL x .05 = 17.75mL. Therefore 1 Crunk Unit (CU) is equal to 17.75mL of alcohol. What is the purpose of a Crunk Unit? Well with a standard unit we can now compare the cost per CU of different alcoholic beverages.
1 case of Kokanee = $18.95
1 can of Kokanee = $18.95/12 = $1.58
Kokanee = $1.58/CU (crunk unit)

1 bottle (750mL) of Smirnoff red label = $21.25
With 40% alcohol content each bottle contains 750mL x .40 = 300mL of alcohol.
CU = 300mL/17.75mL = 16.91 CU
Smirnoff Red Label = $21.25/16.91CU = $1.26/CU (crunk unit)
by IH8XC November 01, 2005
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