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Not to be confused with the Jimi Hendrix song, cross town traffic, is a deed of love making/ coprophelia/ scat fetish/ poop love in which to lovers/fuckers both drop trough and poop into each others buttholes simultaneously. This act, in its purest form, is physically impossible, however, in theory it can one of the most beautiful acts of love making that ever existed.
HEY! BRO! me and that girl last night was KARAZEE we fucking partook in cross town traffic all night all over the frat house.

SISTA, SISTA, SISTA, I nabbed me some hawt white boy dick last night and we scatted, tossed each others salads and even did this crazy ass white boy thing called cross town traffic. To say the least I was thorougly satisfied.
by ian September 11, 2007
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Crosstown traffic is a unique and pleasurable sexual act involving two partners of either gender. It is performed by evenly aligning both partners' anuses and having one partner crap inside of his/her partner's anus. The recieving end of the act has been described as pleasant, yet messy.
Alfonso: "Did you guys have sex?

Maurice: "No, but we did crosstown traffic."

Alfonso: "Awesome!"
by Dangerous Larry December 04, 2007
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