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Critterface: (KRIT-TER-PHACE) –noun/verb - it is the act of throwing your self dignity to the wind, loosening the muscles in your face, then vigorously shaking your head back and forth while someone takes a picture of you. This leaves on film a beautiful side of yourself that you never knew existed (Disclaimer: beautiful = awkward and ugly as sin)
The Critterface process can be explained in 3 easy steps:

1.) Relax your face, you’re going to want it loose (and I’m talking Lisa Lampanelli loose, ya dig?). Also, ladies (and males with freaky hippie long hair) you’re going to want to secure your hair so as not to obstruct your face. I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH THAT YOU NEED TO BE AS BELLS PALSY/STROKE VICTIM-LIKE AS POSSIBLE

2.) Now that you’re loose, let’s shake things up. It sounds simple, but there’s a technique to it. You don’t want to shake your head like you’re in a stern disagreement with someone. That’s not good enough to produce the desired Critterface. YOU NEED TO SHAKE YOUR FACE LIKE YOU’RE MICHAEL J. FOX DURING A RICHTER 7 EARTHQUAKE.

3.) The last step is simple. Easily enough, you get someone to snap a photo of you while you’re mid fit. THE END RESULT IS A CRITTERFACE AND THAT’S WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR FOLKS.

HAVE A BREW OR TEN AND SEND IN YOUR BEST CRITTERFACES and Captions/Comments to me! Comments could be something like “E’rrbody do da stroke!” or “Invisible bitch slap!”. Be clever, be creative, and may the Critter be with you all!
Dude, Lex's critterface looked like an invisible bitch slapped him!

(photo thath will make complete sense to the example)
by lsucodebook February 24, 2011
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