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Driving around with one or more friends at night killing small animals with "beaters". Beaters consist of baseball bats, field hockey sticks, machetes, lawn mower blades, or any other instrument that will fuck up a small animal. Animals usually killed while beating are opposums, raccoons, porcupines, cats, rabbits, deer(hit with car to dissable deer, then exterminate with beater). Animals to stay away from: skunks, bear and dogs that are in peoples yards. Owners of dogs usually dont like to see people beating the fuck out of their dog.
Adam: Hey luke wanna go critter beating tonight?
Luke: Sure, i'll grab my beaters and be right over.
Adam: okay sounds good, i hope we get a coon or opposum.
Luke: yeah and hopefully not a skunk!
by Plasticupp June 24, 2010
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