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The most amazing, beautiful girl in the world. She is great, lovable, caring and incredible. She will rock your world. She is always right and a boss in the court. She will win and she will not be sorry for it. A Crisleydi is a winner and never ever a loser so do not count on winning because she will take that shit with a blink of an eye. She is fearless. She will kill you if she has to, because no one messes with a Crisleydi. She's also a psychic so beware.
Damnnn daddy look at her, she looks like a Crisleydi.
Damnnnn is she a Crisleydi because she just beat Alan!!?

Damnnnnnnnnn look at those moves, looks like a Crisleydi
by Cristheboss May 27, 2017
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