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A distant cousin to the laxbro, a crewbro is one of either sex who lives and breathes the art and sport of rowing. A true crewbro is never without an expensive pair of sport sunglasses, a rowing t-shirt or tank-top denoting participation in a rowing competition, and a GORE-TEX jacket for "repp'in" the crew he or she rows for

Being a Crewbro also extends to one's social life. They are often made to turn down offers to hang out from non-crew friends because "I have crew tonight." The Crewbro is ok with this, however, because they'd rather be rowing anyway.
"Shut the f*** up and pull." - crewbro to pussy non-crewbro

"O SHIT THAT'S A KAYAK" - novice bowman

"Check out my awesome belt-buckle." - coach trying to impress his crew with tall tales of antiquated accomplishments (loljk)
by SneakyPirateBoat April 12, 2011
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(noun) Similar to a Lax Bro a Crew Bro, also called Row Bro is someone who spends excessive time at crew practice, and fully embraces the culture of Rowing. Crew Bro's usually wear various types of spandex, there teams uniforms and/or apparel, sun glasses, long black socks and slides.

The term "Crew Bro" is said to have originated on the legendary Harriton High School Crew Team.
Man, that kid is such a ,Crew Bro, he spends all day rowing
by Crewber April 02, 2011
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like lax bros, crew bros do nothing but row and suck each other off. see: Bitch
your sooooo gay
you can't talk, crew bro
by aidan U June 01, 2011
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