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it's another 'rhyme-paced meter' way to say that somebody is 'cruising for a bruising'. In other words, somebody is being a stupid asshole and deserves to be put back in his or her PLACE! That moron is just asking for trouble.
1. Yesterday at the Memorial Day ceremony in Arlington Cemetery Donald Traitortrump gave a long-winded pompous ass speech promoting and gloating about HIMSELF - yes, AGAIN! He has pissed off a lot of people - AGAIN - including many military veterans because everything he talked about (and tweeted) was, as always about 'ME ME ME'. That cretin needs a beating because he's a dirty treasonous criminal and he just don't know how to STFU!

2. Greg keeps on flicking bent staples at other students while sitting in the back of science class. He also throws paper wads and flicks boogers in class and when somebody turns around, he just gives a shit-eating grin. That cretin needs a beating and one of these days he will get one.

3. Somebody just like the above-mentioned Greg went on to become a Macbeth. He took over the Libyan nation and got his hands on dangerous hardware - bombs and rockets. He was a terror-monger. That cretin got his final beating for good in 2011. He was Moammar Qaddafy.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 10, 2018
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