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alternate spelling (corrivin) V. (to creev) N. (Creev.)

1. Telling people that you are going to do something and then not answering or returning phone calls or contact attempts until at least the next day.

2. Hypocritically complaining about others acting a certain way (particularly those who are in romantic relationships) then when put in the same situation acting exactly the same way.

3. Speaking in a tough-guy manner while using an exorbitant amount of hand gestures and awkward pauses to amplify your point.

4. At any time wearing a bright orange winter jacket and super warm stocking cap w/ sweatpants in temperatures up to but not exceeding 75 degrees to any sort of occasion.

5. Making outrageous claims about yourself or members of your family accomplishing feats that may or may not be true and cannot really be proven. Exaggerating to a point that only you really believe

6. Constantly acting like super tough guy badass to male friends then suddenly becoming a goobing pussy douche when talking to girlfriend/love interest/ girls. Over the top softening of voice and unconventional excessive pet naming are characteristic of the creev.
1. (voicemail) Dude seriously, I thought we were meeting at 10, what are you fucking creevin on me?.

2. Dude, Joe is seriously pussy whipped, I can't even get ahold of him and he used to bitch at me constantly for not hanging out when I was with Mellissa. I never thought he would act like such a creev.

3. Joe: (with exorbitant hand motions and awkward pauses) Look BRA. When you Date A chic. As hot as Nikki. Maybe You'll fucking Get It dude. Im trying To Get Fucking Laid Tonight... bra.

Alex: Dude you are creevin hardcore right now.

4. self explanatory

5. Dave: Dude check out this 10 point buck that I shot on vacation.

Jim: Not bad bro. But when I was like 4 I stalked a 24 pointer and killed it with my knife. Also did I tell you that my great great grandfather invented buck hunting?

Dave: Dude don't be fucking creevin on me like that. Not cool

6. Joe: Hey man did you make up with John yet?

Paul: Dude Fuck that faggot He's a pussy i'll beat his ass if I ever see him again. Because I'm super tough. (phone rings) Oh hey baby boopy I'm just hanging out with Joe, Yeah you know I love you right? who's my smoochie smoo...

Joe: Good lord you're too creev for words.
by DaveBrown May 04, 2011
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