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This was something brought to light by Dane Cook the funniest guy in the entire world. If you ever notice when you are at a job there is always a creepy guy there. And even if you quit and go to a different job the guy is still there. And whenever he comes drifting in like lets say you are in the break room you get that feeling that there something wrong here and you need to get out like behind a vending machine or on the roof to go breakdancing. but there is a solution that Mr. Cook has come up with, you should talk to that guy and be nice to him and give him Snickers (candy) because when that day finally comes where he snaps! and comes into work with a sawwed off shotgun just killing everyone CHUCK CHUCK PFFF! CHUCK CHUCK PFFF! then he gets to your office and whispers "thanks for the candy" you'll be happy you listened to Dane Cook.
"Marcus, the creepy guy @ work, just came in and shot everyone except Dane.
by DeanL July 24, 2006
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