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Usually a tall (over 6ft) male, possibly driving a 13/14 year old black BMW because this is the age he likes most things. A creepalooper will usually have a girlfriend on the side as a cover for his creepiness but can often be found lurking outside girls' bathrooms at underage discos.

This creepalooper will often take over other people's facebook pages and project their fetishes onto other people's statuses. He will often ask for such things as a dutch milkshake or an alabama lovegun from girls resembling kids walking around college (of course not his own college).
Have you seen that tall boy in the 96 Beamer stalking our daughters as they walk home from school
-Oh yes, that's Sam, the local creepalooper. He often creapaleaps on kids, despite the fact he has a girlfriend!
by creepaleap88 May 08, 2009
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