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Where you and your mate rate a women or man. Using how many beers you would need to drink to consider sleeping with them. If they was dam ugly 0/10 then you would say she 's or he's a "crate of beer". Whereas 10/10 would be more like ,They would sleep with them sober... 3/10 is still pretty hot but not quite marridge material.... etc...

Or generally using the phase "crate of beer" when referring to " I would have to be this drunk to do anything that wrong or stupid"
Oi mate what do you think of this lady coming past ..... Mate replies.. Mate that's a "crate of beer " lol


Dear diary, I wouldnt touch that guy with a "crate of beer" he really smells. Lol
by WiffyFingers March 09, 2016
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