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Noun: 1. A vertically challenged roller derby skater, closely related to the Milkstud Piglet, who tends to spend most of her time flailing through the air or face planting on the track. Is well known for driving a large truck full of roller derby girls while shaving large chunks of time off the GPS's ETA by driving entirely too fast. A large fan of warp speed, helping others, and trying to stay on her feet.
2. Any form of catastrophic roller derby wipe out involving a substantial airborne period followed by a mangled landing generally involving both the falling skater and as many other skaters on the track as possible.
1. Crash Sprawldisplat will be driving to the bout, be sure to sit in the back, buckle up and just don't look. You will definitely be the first ones there. PS they are only honking because they love roller girls.

2. Wow, I just pulled a Crash Sprawldisplat and took out three skaters from the other team, one of our fans, and three EMT's. Luckily, all I got was bad bruise.
by Crash Sprawldisplat December 29, 2010
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