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n. That narcissistic creep in the restroom stall who insists on letting everyone else know just how good (or bad) a time he's having while taking his dump. Characterized by pronounced grunting, butt-sputtering, poop-splashing, and the occasional "oh yeeeaaahh". This guy is a social retard.
Self-respecting, polite humans are properly ashamed to be shitting in public and, therefore, utililize every appropritate strategy for stealth-pooping: 1-wait for the room to clear, or 2-time the hard work for when another toilet is being flushed or a sink is being used, or 3-attempt the advanced level silent splashdown.

However, the Crapvertiser deliberately broadcasts his personal poop party for all unwitting ears to suffer. He never got enough attention from his mommy, he can't get laid, and he doesn't wash his befouled hands before touching the handle on the way out! Curse you, Crapvertiser!!!
by Big Brett the Bombthreat January 13, 2004
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