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Derives from the words cranium, meaning 'head', and anus, meaning 'ass'.

A possibly genetically inherited and chronic mental(/physical) disorder, in which one's head becomes so far up their ass, it leads to delusional thinking and insistence that they are always right, regardless of their friend's/family's input on their life decisions, when in fact a normally sane person or former case may interpret their actions/statements/beliefs (of their such actions) as, in fact, retarded.
Man: "Yeah, she left me, took the kids, took up drinking and anorexia, saying I'm the reason she's depressed, turned bisexual, and is still seeing another woman, and she told me to leave, saying she doesn't want me 'to put a bad influence on her kids'"

Friend: "Wow thats a serious case of cranalanalitis"

Man: "Tell me about it..."
by boardercrosser January 10, 2008
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