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Spam you get from assholes on Craigslist who think everyone who posts classifieds for items on the site is broke and selling their stuff for quick cash. So, just like on every other medium, they try to sell you crap like debt consolidation or they try an give you viruses to harvest your personal data.
This would be an example of craigspam...I got this when I tried to sell some college textbooks for the same price I got them for.

RE: Yahoo auto response

You don't have to sell this so cheap...

I used to sell stuff on CL just like you were doing to pay my bills. I ended up
realizing a lot of people get ripped off, its over-all NOT SAFE anymore to meet
people from craigslist. A friend of mine told me about an amazing website and
said I should check it out so I did. I made about 4000$ last month. Right now
I'm making more than I was at my regular job. If you want to try it visit
(website URL that probably has the word google in it followed by crap like success or paid me)

If you want help getting started let me know.


This makes me want to scream--FUCK YOU COMPUTER BITCH!!!
by yaheli2532 April 11, 2010
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