Glitter. Like the STD herpes, once you have glitter on you, you cannot get rid of it. If you have glitter on you and you touch someone, they will suddenly have glitter on them. You may think that you have washed it all off, but one day you will be in the right light and notice it on you somewhere.

There are many forms of craft herpes, including:

+Low-grade chunky - The kind that is usually used in grade school. Easiest of the outbreaks to wash off

+Glitter glue/liquid squeeze on - Harder to wash away than low-grade chunky due to the fact that it is in some form of an adhesive.

+Fine to micro-fine - Commonly called pixie or fairy dust due to it's resemblance to effect used in movies to show the "magic". The hardest form to remove and the easiest to get. It is dust like and is everywhere. Often found at parties, fairs, and anywhere that people dressed as pixies or fairies can be found-usually being blown into crowds of people by the handful.
+"I was at the party when that wanna be raver started spreading craft herpes! I think she threw a bag of fairy dust in the fan!"

+"I thought I'd gotten it all weeks ago but when I looked in the mirror just now, I had a piece of glitter by my eye!"

+"Just when I thought I was safe, this girl came up to me and sprayed me with something. I looked and I was covered with glitter! They have spray on craft herpes now!"
by Kitysrblk June 22, 2011
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