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1. to enforce the laws or rules more vigorously

2. to make punishments for a crime or violation more severe

3. an instance of sense 1 of 2
The crack down on drug abuse means that fewer addictions will occur.
by The Return of Light Joker February 15, 2008
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The violent aggressive behavior of someone who is addicted to crack cocaine , when the effects of thier current hit of crack wears off.
When joe found out that his brother was going to be late in picking him up, he threw his coffee cup at the door smashing it swearing loudly. "oh darn" said Sue "Joe is having a crackdown.
by lovestodance August 16, 2010
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punitive focus of legal apparatus on anything the speaker/writer doesn't like: unpleasantly authoritarian action, frequently with an overt populist message.
"the home office guarantees a crackdown on illegal immigrants." or
i promise to crackdown on the drunken yob culture in this towm" vows council chair.
by robin bale June 28, 2004
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