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When the recipient of anal sex squeezes his or her sphincter trapping the giver's penis so he cannot pull out easily.
Josh howled when he was caught in Vince's crabtrap.

John smiled; soon he would be crabtrapping Father O'Malley.
by danns August 25, 2008
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A practical joke designed for one-person public restrooms. You bring a rubber glove as it will get messy, making sure you ate some spicy mexican food or other natural laxative beforehand. After properly applying the glove on your hand, shit in the toilet and pick it up smearing it on the door handle inside the bathroom, sink faucet, toilet paper, and paper towel dispenser. Be careful to keep the toilet clean as if you leave it dirty the prey will not take the bait of a clean, unharmed toilet. Doing this will ensure that the person can't get out of the restroom without touching shit in some way, unless he calls for help.

Oh shit! I just got hit with a crab trap! It's just like the method those people use on discovery channel.
by BALLS 3000 January 08, 2007
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Another name for a road that takes you off a highway with seemingly no way to get back on. They always drop you off in the worst of neighborhoods and give cause for you to fear for your life. Similar to how a crab trap lets crabs in, but they can't get out.
Person 1: Whoa I thought I was going to die today after I pulled off onto a crab trap that led me into East St. Louis. I'm surprised im still alive!

Person 2: I was going to go to the mall today but I made a wrong turn onto a crab trap. Took me 30 minutes to find a route back onto the highway!
by Anonymous::: January 20, 2010
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The act of taking a girls legs pushing them all the way up and then you sit on her while you fuck her so she cant move and then you scream crab trap and bust in her
woah last night was crazy i fucking crab traped that bitch!
by iceman_420 July 13, 2011
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A female who's vagina is a revolving door that's constantly catching crabs
Girl:1 wow she has a big crab trap
Girl:2 what about Tiffany

Girl:1 her too
by Smittywerbermansjenson May 27, 2017
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