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a motivated corporal of marines who sits on the computer at work and adds atuff to urban dictionary and when ssgt walks in he opens up nalcomis and starts rambling about stuff that has nothing to do with whats being done.

another word is lollygagging
Cpl Orta:Hmmm...what word am i gonna add today?
*Ssgt walks in*
Cpl Orta: so yea uhh nalcomis...change this from M# to WP because it has to be and needs to be...
Ssgt:Good Work Orta your a hard worker.
Cpl Orta:No problem in the zone
*ssgt leaves*

*maximizes urban dictionary*

Cpl Orta:Ok the word today is...i wanna suck yo' dick niigah
by THEkatMAN April 09, 2009
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