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Someone whom is very alluring and using their mysteriousness to subdue others. They are very shy, yet bold. They have no rhyme, rhythm or flow.

They only follow three rules.....

1) Many people pursue them, but they only burn with desire for one person.

2) They NEVER make a move to initiate sex and play coy to the very end, no matter what.

3) They are very private and only allow the one person they desire to hang out alone with them, everyone else is not worth their time (this does not apply to family members or friends with no sexual desires for them)
The coy master is an enigma to me, I love them but I am just not sure if they love me. What if I make a move and they reject me? When I am by them I tremble, shake and my knees buckle. I am head over heels in love.
by ZMVS May 07, 2017
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