A male term used to describe the action of itching ones testicle sack by rubbing the skin between the thumb and index finger. Usually done from within his pants pocket.
Tim was counting money in the church lobby because his nuts itched so bad from sitting through the days service.
by Tim Thiede April 1, 2007
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You better get your shit straight before you jump that gun. Derived from the lyrics in the Bone Thugs song "Ghetto Cowboy."
Before you wife that, better count your money.
by dum dave in dc February 7, 2009
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A Record Label Founded By : VibeDolby, a young Producer with potential, TruFuse and Southern Vibe Taydoe . Cmt Known as Count Money Team is A und ground label on the Upcoming with Nice artist Like Youngdacinco, who is is Very prominent in the Rap game and this label is soon to be known .
Count Money Team - they on the come up .
by Upcoming Labels XXL August 2, 2017
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