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A guy who hangs out at gay bars pretending to be gay. His Modus Operandi is to trick an unsuspecting female patron into thinking he has never been with a woman before and that she'll offer to be his first. A pathetic creature to say the least. Sometimes the joke ends up being on him as the odds of bringing home a transtesticle have increased ten-fold.
Female- Do you come here often?
CF- All the time. I'm gay you know.
Female- Ever been with a woman before?
CF- 500 men but not a single woman
Female- Do you want to try it?
CF- I don't know if it's me or the Wine Cooler talkin' But Yeah I'd like to try it.

later at the motel

CF( reaching into female skirt upon grabbing hold of a hairy set of nuts)
You ain't a woman!!!
Female(now male) What kind of fag reaction is that!! Your not a fag after all. I know where you hang out wait til I tell your friends.
by Tommy R May 25, 2005
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