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Counter-loss prevention is the practices, tactics, techniques, and strategies that shoplifters and sport thieves adopt to address and diffuse obstacles presented by loss prevention personnel from within retail store environments. Counter-loss prevention is an expansive subject.

The practice of loss prevention is open to hired agencies (such as those within the retailer) or law enforcement in general. Many shoplifters do not need counter loss prevention fail safes considering the nature of their jack, but some persons do dare threaten jacks using legal technicality. The theory of counter-loss prevention concerns the line between theft into robbery.
"Counter-loss prevention has become prolific in the advent of electronic surveillance entrapment, lulz, not wanting to pay for your shit for the lulz, personal aspirations of "survival theft" skills, or contest towards loss prevention. It is important to consider implementing counter-loss prevention into your kikel."
by robotlegcommando June 09, 2012
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