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An individual(mostly males)who takes the television remote control and won't let anyone change the channel or take it from them. These words were originally heard in "Clueless", in which Cher calls Josh a "couch commando".
"Quit being a couch commando, I want to watch Cops"

"Can you change the channel? Why not? Well if you would stop being such a couch commando I wouldn't have to keep asking."
by SocialWorkerBob April 26, 2006
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when you are giving the business to a lady or gentlemen on a couch and you pull out shoot your load on them 2 in the chest and one in the head.... then pick up your gear and move on to the next without a word
The Tin man blasted the slutty he picked up at the Venue gave her 2 in the chest and one in the had and moved on to the next till he finds his heart ever since then hes been known as a Stone cold Couch Commando
by robbielocks September 06, 2011
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