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A povvy suburb of Norwich in the English county of Norfolk, home of Alan Partridge and the largest navy base in England. Pronounced Coss-ey, the actual spelling and original pronunciation became fashionable due to the heavy welsh influences in the area at the time. This area is best known for the infamous 16th century prostitute Jo-anne D'Wales who was reputed to have 'double gunned' half of Anglias nobility at the time. She was reputedly rife with syphilis however contradictory folklore also says she was born 'of no difinitive gender nay of mothers flesh or fathers cloth'. The main tourist attraction of the town is her house which has been preserved and re-created by local history enthusiasts.
" Shes a right Cossey (Costessey) " - Shes a right slut

"Young lady you are behaving like a D'Wales from Cossey" - Parental chastisement to daughters who cant keep their knickers on.

A 'Coss dresser' - A androgenous style of dressing, relating to the confusing gender of Jo-Anne D'Wales.
by Emily Alexander March 27, 2008
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