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1. A word used to describe cosplayers who only cosplay and/or participate in the cosplay community for attention or to pretend they have some semblance of a modeling career; this word is often used to suggest the cosplayer in question does not deserve the fame and/or spotlight he or she seeks.

2. Describing a person's fame or notoriety through cosplay as shallow, superficial and lacling longevity. Meant to ridicule anyone trying to turn their hobby or pasttime into a profitable venture, stemming from the false belief that money automatically makes someone inherently evil or a "bad guy"

3. The word can also be used by someone who is trying to become famous through cosplay to criticize or sling mud at another cosplayer who is actually succeeding in this endeavor.
"Susan only wants to be cosfamous because she saw Yaya Han do it."


"She charges for prints? I don't care how well-known she is, she's just trying to be cosfamous like all the other greedy people ruining my hobby."


"Susan only cosplays to be cosfamous, unlike me who wants to improve my skills until people recognize how great of a cosplayer I truly am."
by Connor MacHoof February 20, 2015
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